Designed for youth between the ages of 8 and 17, NUVO’s Show Choir program will encourage students to find a passion for singing while alongside friends and within an ensemble.

SHOW CHOIR JR: 8 – 12 No prior experience necessary.
SHOW CHOIR SR: 12 – 17 Experience in singing with an ensemble is an asset

What To Expect

A lively atmosphere including choral games and challenges that will help to develop the skill sets required to sing in an ensemble
Provide contemporary music as the backdrop for our explorations within ensemble singing
We will be teaching 3 to 4 part harmonies; arranged by our own in- house Musical Director unless otherwise provided through licensed material
A fun-loving environment that will encourage friendship, a passion for the arts, and a future in performing arts

Skill Development

How to blend in a group and develop a unified sound using the following:

Balance: the relative volume of each part
Tone quality: the style of tone, and enunciation
Listening: “opening up” the ears so as to encourage a proper balance

How to curate harmonies and understand – via theory – how they work within a group setting
Learning the fundamentals of being “performance ready” which includes [and is not limited to] choreography, proper vocal preparation, and commitment
Confidence in performing

Our Promise

As NUVO Music School mandates, we aim to inspire creativity through music. We want to provide extracurricular programs that culminate that passion for the arts, especially within a group setting, while also showing them what it feels like to perform in a professional choir. Ultimately, we aim to have a lot of fun and give an experience that your child will carry on for years to come. We can’t wait to see you!

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