Vocal Coach for NUVO Rock Band

Sophie Rischar

  • Brighton Institute for Modern Music, Dublin
  • BA in Commercial and Modern Music Specializing in Vocals

From a young age, Sophie was always passionate about music. Starting off in musical theatre, Sophie’s passion for music grew and started to branch out to all the different musical genres, from blues to pop, just to name a few! Starting off at 13 in her first rock band singing metal, her passion to perform grew and she has been performing in different bands ever since.

Sophie went on to study and graduate from Commercial and Modern Music at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in Dublin Ireland. The four years offered experiences playing all different styles of music, writing original pieces, singing in studios, learning the ins and outs of the music business and let’s not forget, how to develop the voice! She has sung on the “Voice of Ireland “and is also in demand as a performer.

Sophie trained her voice with Tine Verbeke, vocal coach to contemporary rock artists such as Bono from ‘U2’ and Danny O,Donoghue from ‘The Script’. Lessons were heavily focused on breath and technique, giving Sophie the tools and knowledge of how to get the most out of a voice.

Sophie uses her wealth of musical knowledge, and her own vast experiences as a performer and applies this to all genres of music, so her students can best develop their vocal ability. Her classes are taught using a step-by-step process, starting students off with simple songs, figuring out their weaknesses and then giving them the tools to combat those weaknesses. Slow is control, and stepping-stone songs mean that we don’t strain our voices singing what it too difficult for us. We train our vocal muscles in each session until we feel confident that we can sing the hard stuff!

Sophie has also taught at the Musical Youth Foundation in Dublin, giving children who otherwise might not get the opportunity, a chance to learn how to sing and perform in a band. Here, Sophie went through all the different musical styles with the children, as well as teaching them how to combat nerves, start up a rock band, write original songs and how to rock out!

Sophie is the vocal coach for the NUVO Rock Band Program and she teaches private one-on-one voice lessons.

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