TeacherNisha Neelakant NUVO Piano Teacher

  • Grade 9 RCM

Throughout the years, I have learnt that mastering an instrument such as the piano, takes an abundance of patience, enthusiasm, and drive. Embodying these qualities as a teacher and making lessons a creative and welcoming environment, in which, students can flourish, is my highest priority. Developing musical expression through the piano, is a great source of happiness my life and I hope I can help it to be the same for others too. During my service trip to Uganda in March of 2018 and volunteer work at summer camps, I grew a love for working with children and can relate really well to them. I am passionate about helping children to see the power within themselves, to strive for success in everything they wish to achieve.

Having developed a life long passion for the piano through my own talented and inspiring teachers, I aim to approach teaching through my extensive years of learning as a student. My musical journey began at 6 years old and since then, has led me to take on many endeavors, ranging from Royal Conservatory of Music exams to performances at seasonal recitals and formal settings. I have achieved my Grade 1 to Grade 8 RCM and expect to complete my Grade 9 RCM as of August 2019. As a high school student who has devoted much time to preparing for piano RCM Exams, I have gained an especially solid understanding of the skills required and expectations set in place for these types of assessments. I understand that a solid foundation from the beginning of a student’s education is imperative to unlock their full potential. Therefore, I place an emphasis on piano exercises involving technique, sight reading, and conditioning, which will set students up for their future musical goals.

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