• Grade 10 RCM

Throughout my entire life I have always had a love and passion for music. I played many others instruments growing up such as the clarinet and saxophone, but discovered early on that my passion for music would be primarily focused on the piano.


Since I discovered my passion for the piano at a young age, I was able to use my talent and love for the piano in various ways. I studied classical, popular, jazz, and worship music. My main focus was classical; therefore I studied and completed many RCM exams, including the Grade 10 RCM. Many of the exams resulted in Honours and First Class Honours. I played in a couple worship bands where I used my ear and chord techniques. I played in a variety of duet performances where I accompanied my sister on the violin such as at weddings, conferences, celebrations, and other formal settings.


Some other musical opportunities I was a part of were the Kiwanis Fraser Valley Music Festival and the South Fraser Music Festival. Furthermore, I also had the privilege of earning the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.

Through my experiences and time spent learning and playing the piano, I was able to gain a deep understanding and love for the piano. With music, there is so much to appreciate and discover. As a teacher, my goal is to have my students experience the love and passion that I have for piano but in their own ways. I want to encourage students to pursue their full musical potential in a fun and engaging way!

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