• Bachelor of Music, Piano

Throughout University, I regularly performed in different recitals, mastered in different classical musical periods including romantic and classical eras, and was a member of the University ensemble during my undergraduate years. I was also a church choir pianist for most of my adult years.

In my 16 years of teaching, I have taught all ages from pre-school children to young adults, although my passion lies in teaching early education as I enjoy helping students build a solid foundation that help make great strides in their musical careers. I like to focus on intrinsic and conditioning exercises, sight and tone training, piano techniques and different kinds of music concepts/genres. I enjoy customizing my lessons to each student’s personality and musical goals, incorporating humor, patience, and compassion in my teaching.

Seeing the lightbulb go on when a student understands and enjoys music is what I love about teaching. I aspire to make my lessons enjoyable and exciting for students as I help guide their musical journey.

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