• Contemporary Music and Technology – Performance Major, Selkirk College

My journey in music began at age 10 taking finger style lessons under folk player Cindy Grant. As my abilities advanced I began moving onto more melodically challenging styles of music taking lessons under various local teachers such as Mark Smith and Tim Reardon of the Young’uns until I decided it was time to further my education and auditioned at Selkirk College.

After 2 years of studying under Selkirk faculty such as Darren Mahe, Cheryl Hodge, Gilles Parenteau and Glenn Mitchell, performing and playing with many influential musicians from all over the world including fellow NUVO teacher Oswin Wong, I have graduated with a Contemporary Music and Technology as a performance major. I have been teaching guitar ever since and continue to write and record original material.

Armed with a wide range of musical knowledge my goal is to breathe life into music for the student and make the seemingly hard make sense using practical applications.

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