Bios of NUVO Rock Band Coaches

Chris Hill (Capilano College- Music Program) Chris has played in numerous rock bands across Canada & US and is highly skilled on a variety of instruments.  We welcome him to our NUVO Rock Band Summer Camp Program.

Greg Jackson (15 years of Rock Band experience, performing and teaching) Greg has been a contributor, organizer & coach for rock band programs at local music schools for the past 5 years.

Steffen Sidiropoulos( Music Degree FMW Music Academy, Frankfurt Germany)  Steffen has taught Rock Band Programs to children and teens in Germany and has been teaching NUVO’s Rock band Program for the past school year.  Steffen will continue with the NUVO Rock Band Program for the upcoming  Sept- June School year.

Vocal Coaches: Sophie Rischar (Brighton Institute of Modern Music, Dublin/BA in Commercial and Modern Music specializing in Vocals) NUVO Vocal Coaches provide proper vocal instruction to sing lead vocals and backup vocals in our rock bands.  They teach melodies, harmonies, proper use of the mic, and choreography on stage.

There will be 2 Rock Band Coaches at each rehearsal to ensure expert instruction on each instrument.

Sophie Rischar

Teacher Vocal Coach for NUVO Rock Band Brighton Institute for Modern Music, Dublin BA in Commercial and Modern Music Specializing in Vocals From a young age, Sophie was always passionate about music. Starting off in musical theatre, Sophie’s passion for music grew and started to branch out to all the different musical genres, from blues […]

Chris Hill

Chris Hill Jazz Music Program: Capilano College (1.5 years of study) Guitar Chris was born in Montreal Quebec and moved to BC when he was five. Soon after, his love of music surfaced. His mother played jazz piano and his father played British invasion guitar mixed with the blues. So from an early age Chris had […]

Steffen Sidiropoulos

Teacher Degree: Licensed Professional Musician and Instrumental educator for Jazz and popular Music FMW Music Academy (Frankfurt, Germany) Internship: Audio Engineer (Sky radio, Kasse, Germany) Studies in Musicology: Goethe University (Frankfurt, Germany) At the age of eight, I came across the legendary solos of Brian May in the “Queen” CD collection of my father. I […]

Greg Jackson

Rock Band Coach Having played drums for over fifteen years (and with other musicians for just as long), I can stand by the fact that performing with others is the ultimate experience one can achieve in their musical career. Combining five years of percussion instruction with the success of rock band classes taught through local […]

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Fall Schedule

LOCATION: Arts Umbrella (116-15850 26th Ave, South Surrey at The Shops at Morgan Heights)


  • Mondays  Sept 17th- Dec 10th (No Class on Oct 8)
  • Tuesdays Sept 25th- Dec 11

TIMES: 3:30-5:30 PM / 5:30-7:30 PM/ 7:30-9:30 PM (3 Bands on Mondays & 3 Bands on Tuesdays)

FEES:12 – 2 hour Rehearsals plus 1 coffee shop gig.  $720.00 or 3 payments of $240.00

Students are put into groups based on age and level.  Pieces are chosen by the students with guidance from NUVO Rock Band Coaches.  Through teamwork and practice, students attend 12 rehearsals and learn the skills needed to play and perform in a rock band. They will perform 3 or 4 pieces in a local coffee shop after the 12 rehearsals. 

All ages and levels are welcome.  For any parents who are interested in joining a rock band, we will be having an adult rock band on the Mondays 7:30-9:30 PM time slot.

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