Private Musical Theatre Lessons:  one-on-one 60 min weekly lessons

The community here in South Surrey/White Rock is abuzz with young people who are not only interested in singing – but are interested in learning to flex their actor muscles – through song! Perhaps your child is already taking musical theatre in a group setting, or is interested in trying out for their school play! If this sounds like your son or daughter, this is the class for them.

Students training through a private musical theatre class will learn things such as:

Chersea NUVOMusic School teacher


Britt Bailey - NUVO Musical Theater Program

Britt Bailey


• creating a character using their own personal experiences
• phrasing the

 music based on developing acting choices
• movement/blocking for their songs (if they so choose!)
• songs cuts for auditions, whether it be for school or extracurricular tryouts
• coaching for musical theatre, voice or theatre-related auditions
• new material from classic Broadway repertoire to current contemporary pieces
• the art of performing for an audience


Essentially, these students will receive all of this (acting training) IN ADDITION TO that of a vocal lesson – marrying vocals with acting (the art of Musical Theatre!). Since there is more to learn in a lesson, students choosing this option are required to book for 1 hour. There is simply no time otherwise!

*Please NOTE* Students do not miss out on regular vocal training by choosing this lesson option. It is simply ADDING to a vocal lesson. We have found there to be a huge demand for this in our community and are excited to offer this as a new option for training.

The recitals will allow for these students to have the option of a fully staged solo number, using a prop or costume if they desire, as well as perform using movement or blocking (as opposed to a stand and deliver piece). Each student makes this choice his or herself, but always has the option of the staging with this choice of lesson.

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