Teacher: Heather Rees

Tiny Tots Sing Instructor Heather Rees

Heather Rees

Tiny Tots Sing is a one on one interactive Singing and Music Discovery Class for ages 2-6. These classes are 45 minute lessons taught once per week.

This class is designed for one on one instruction as a precursor to your child’s musical education. In this  interactive singing class your child will learn the basics to proper singing technique, which include breathing, pitch recognition and production, note and rhythm reading. These skills are taught using fun songs, games and playing a wide variety of instruments.

Research shows that starting music at a young age can improve a child’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills, and emotional expression. Preparing children with an early start helps ensure a child’s love for music will be something they carry with them and enjoy for their entire lives.

Space is limited, so be sure to enroll your little one as soon as possible!

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