• 30 min: $31.50 ($35.00 for single 30min lessons)
  • 45 min: $47.25
  • 60 min: $63.00 
  1. pr87621All lessons are paid for in advance on the first of each month through VISA or MC.
  2. There is a yearly $25.00 / family registration fee processed upon lesson day and time confirmation.  This helps cover the cost of photocopies, handouts, and performance opportunities throughout the year.
  3. Additional costs include any music books or supplies that the teacher recommends.  Books and supplies can be bought from any local music store.  Vocal students will require to pay for an accompanist for performance opportunities. This cost is between $25.00-$35.00 depending on rehearsal and performance time.
 Please note: There will be no scheduled lessons on the following days:
  • Statutory Holidays
  • Christmas Break (Date: TBA)
  • March Break (Date: TBA)
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