Saturday, Dec 1st, 2018: Emmanuel Evangelical Church: 17029 16th Ave

10.30 AM Students of Ashley Wright
12:00 Noon Students of Charmaine Clifford
1:00 PM Students of Brian Lee & Sydney Abrey
2:00 PM Students of Michaela Hartman & Ruth Turner
3:00 PM Students of Kira Zhang
4:30 PM Students of Dessy Didova

Saturday, Dec 8: Faith Hope Love Church: 15110 Thrift Ave

10:00 AM Students of Heather Rees & Annie Yeh
12:00 Noon Students of Heather Rees
2:00 PM Students of Britt Bailey

Saturday, Dec 15: Emmanuel Evangelical Church: 17029 16th Ave

10:30 AM Students of Linda Prai
11:30 AM Students of Bobbi-Dee & Ruth-Anne Eisler
12:30 PM Students of Hyun Joo Lee
2:30 PM Students of Cary Chow
4:00 PM Students of Nina Charlamov

Saturday, Dec 15: Peninsula Productions 14600 N. Bluff Rd. White Rock

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM NUVO Rock Band Students & Guitar/ Drum / Vocal Students of Andy Sandhals, Chris Hill, Erland Wenn, Steffen Sidiropoulos, Sophie Rischar & Greg Jackson

Feel free to bring guests! Everyone is welcome.

See you there!


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